Privacy and Confidentiality

Privacy and Confidentiality

Reliable Peso Remit, Inc. ("Reliable") and its affiliates will use this Privacy Policy in accordance with the Persona Information and Protection of Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and various relevant privacy laws to secure and protect all information that is collected by Reliable. By visiting and using Reliable's website and, you are consenting to the policies and procedures stated in this policy. This Privacy Policy only applies to Canadian residents.

  • Online Facility: The websites and digital location where Reliable will provide its services

  • Sender: The user of Reliable’s online facility to remit money to their beneficiaries

  • Beneficiary: The recipient of the Sender’s remittance

  • Personal Information: The information required by Reliable from the Sender necessary for providing Reliable’s services

Purpose of Collecting Personal Information

Reliable is required to collect personal information in compliance with the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada ("FINTRAC") and the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act ("PCMLTFA") to ascertain the identity of a client.

Reliable is also required to collect personal information for the following reasons:

    • For the purposes of providing our services and products to the sender and effectively transferring money to the beneficiary by our payout partners
    • Communicating with the sender for inquiries on the sender's personal information, transactions, payments, and other matters relating to our services
    • Communicating with the beneficiary for inquiries relating to obtaining the transferred funds
    • Providing personal information to regulatory entities, banks, and government officials when requested or when required by law and regulations
    • Analyzing information about our customers in order to make improvements to our services
    • Communicating promotional events and services to the sender with the sender's consent
Collected and Stored Information

The following information can be collected and stored:

    • Sender’s personal information including name, date of birth, personal address, contact number, email, occupation and employer, and residence status
    • Identification details such as the identification number, date of issue, and expiry date on government issued identification cards and documents
    • Sender’s payment details such as debit and credit cards
    • Beneficiary’s name, personal address, contact number, and bank details
    • Information on device being used to access Reliable’s website and services, including IP address and the sender’s usage of our services
    • Voice recordings and chat history
How Personal Information is Collected

Personal Information can be collected in the following ways:

    • In-person at any one of Relieble’s branches through the customer service representatives
    • Through phone. Verification questions may be asked to verify the identity of the person being called
    • E-mail communication using the email that has been registered under the user's file
    • Third party identity verification services such as electronic databases and credit reporting agencies
    • Through Reliable's online chat service. Verification questions may be asked to verify the identity of the person in the chat
When Information Cannot be Collected

In the event that required information cannot be obtained, Reliable may not be able to provide its services partially or fully. Reliable may also not be in compliance with FINTRAC and the PCMLTFA and therefore reserves the right to decline providing its products and services.

Accessing and Correcting Personal Information

The sender can access their personal information by logging in online to make any necessary changes. Some changes to the sender’s personal profile will require re-verification, such as name and address. Senders will need to make a request for a change in information via phone call or email and a subsequent re-verification will be made. Verification questions may need to be asked to verify the identity of the sender requesting a change in information.

Where and Who Information is Disclosed

The sender's information will be disclosed to Reliable for the purpose of providing its services to the sender and beneficiary, when requested or when required by law and regulating entities, and to professional advisors. The sender’s information may be disclosed to the following:

    • Employees, affiliates, payout partners, and banks of Reliable
    • Contractors including IT administrators overseeing Reliable’s facility and call centres
    • Professional advisors such as external auditors, lawyers, and consultants
Length of Time Personal Information is Stored

All information collected by Reliable will be stored electronically and/or physically for as long as the sender’s business relation with Reliable is active, and for at least 5 years after the sender's business relation with Reliable is inactive. All physical documents and information is stored in safe and secure facilities. All electronic documents and information are stored in safe and secure servers.


Reliable's websites use cookies in order to provide users with a better online experience. Cookies are small files that are stored on the user’s computer or other electronic device from the server. This file contains information that the server can retrieve from the previous activity on the website such as visited pages, login details, and usage. Cookies can also be used to track the user's browsing history on Reliable's website and other online facilities. This information can be used by Reliable to create analytics that will be used to improve the website and the user’s experience. Cookies do not contain viruses, spyware or malware.

If the user does not wish to have their browsing habits and history tracked, cookies can be turned off or deleted on their respective browser or device. The user must be responsible for activating or deactivating cookies.

Protection of Personal Information

Reliable conducts frequent periodic scans and updates to ensure the highest level of security is maintained in protecting the sender’s personal information. The security measures include Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), data encryption, password authentication, physical controls, and authorization controls. The user must be responsible for securing their login information and password. The user must also be responsible for ensuring that the devices and location that they are accessing Reliable’s online facility is safe and secure. Information given to 3rd parties are protected by their one security measures.

Rights Regarding Personal Information
    • The sender has that the right to be informed on how their data is being used and to whom it is disclosed to
    • The sender has the right to request a copy of the sender’s information through electronic or physical means without additional charges. However, charges may apply for excessive requests.
    • The sender has the right to update any information that has been provided to Reliable.
    • The sender has the right to delete or request deletion of any information that has been provided to Reliable. The sender will be informed in the event that the deletion of some information may cause Reliable to be unable to provide its services partially or fully. Authorization and approval by the sender will be required. The reasoning for deletion of information is required to be documented by Reliable. The history on the business relationship between the sender and Reliable must still be stored as per Reliable’s Compliance policy
    • The sender has the right to opt in or out of marketing communications.

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