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Use Black permanent ink. Do not use whiteboard markers, they will easily come off.


Write their complete address on the box and preferably with either their home or mobile number. Please write boldly and legibly on the box. Write the receivers information on at least two or more sides of the box. Avoid P.O. Box as an address and preferably give a residential address.


Avoid using gray duct tape or masking tape. Tape the bottom and top flaps of the box properly using packing tape and preferably cover the sides with transparent packing tape. If using transparent packing tape, write the sender and receiver info on the box first before putting on the tape.

Use Garbage Bags

Place a heavy duty plastic garbage bag inside the box before placing the contents inside to protect them from being wet especially during rainy season.


Tape the top of all shampoo, conditioners, lotions, perfumes, and other plastic or glass containers that contain fluids. Place these items in separate sealable bags to protect other items in case of a leak. If possible, avoid sending liquid detergents and fabric softener as they usually fragile and will break inside the box.

Perishable Items

Do not send perishable items like fresh fruits, meat products and other unpreserved items as they will be spoiled when it reaches the receiver.

Toys and Batteries

Remove batteries from the toys before packing. Tape the batteries side by side so that the ends donate touch, then wrap them in a cloth or shirt.


Write a note or put a small padlock in the hole of the plug for small electronic items that requires 110V, this is to prevent receiver from immediately plugging the item into an outlet which will damage the item, and please note Philippine outlets are usually 220V.


For easy and safe handling, do not over or under pack the boxes.

Scheduling a pick up

As soon as you are ready, please call us at least 2 days in advance for your desired pick up date.

Box Location

We strongly suggest that at the day your box is scheduled for pick up, please bring the box to your garage or near to your door for easier and faster collection.


Exact cash payment is highly appreciated by our collectors. We currently donate accept debit and credit for pick ups. For cheque payment, please make the cheque payable to Reliable Cargo Express (Please note, any bounced cheques are going to be subjected to a $35 fee).