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CAD-PHP = 40.90 / USD-PHP = 51.80 as of May 29, 2022 at 01:09 AM


Over the years, more and more cargo handling companies have emerged with the purpose of giving people quality and reliable service in managing goods and cargo boxes for door-to-door handling. But only a few are able to earn the trust and loyalty of customers. One of them is Reliable Cargo Express Corporation, a dynamic group that has proven its dedication and commitment to offer dependable services to Filipino communities.

Established in 1998, Reliable Cargo started with a team of young yet extensively experienced and hardworking people. They first opened to service the Filipino community in the city of Toronto. But due to customers' increasing demands, and armed with what they have proven in Toronto, Reliable Cargo expanded their operations by opening more branches nationwide in Canada, including Hamilton, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary and soon in the cities of Montreal and Vancouver.

Surely, they have been able to build a strong foundation and a good reputation, thus making them successful in their expansion. With their superb, world-class services and astounding work, it is no surprise that their customers choose to rely on them and find satisfaction in every transaction with them.

Reliable Cargo's slogan, "Send your cargo box the most RELIABLE way" shows how much commitment and dedication the company gives to customers. It also shows how they largely value the trust that their customers impart with them.

Reliable Cargo deserves to be hailed one of the most dominant balikbayan cargo box forwarders in Canada, having earned the support of well-known shipping lines and forwarding companies, and with its own warehouse in Toronto and in Manila and delivery trucks roving in the Philippines.

But it's not only cargo boxes that Reliable Cargo takes good care of. Sometime in 2004, following their slogan, they opened their own money remittance company under the name RELIABLE PESO REMIT, INC. As it seems, Reliable Cargo does not only want to give the best cargo handling experience for the Filipino communities it serves, but ALL the best it can offer.

Under the aforementioned service, RELIABLE PESO REMIT (PHILS), INC. was established in 2006 to provide the accessibility and commitment to our customers. The company provides the following services: Cash Pick-up (BDO Remit - Palawan and Villarica, MLhuillier, Cebuana), Bank to Bank (all major banks), and Door-to-door Cash Delivery, that will allow the beneficiary to get their funds.

The dedication to serve the Filipino community proves that demand for their reliable and fast service attracts more customers thus opens up to expand its offices around greater Toronto area and growing agents nationwide.


To be the most RELIABLE money remittance and balikbayan cargo box company for all migrants and overseas foreign workers.