CAD-PHP = 39.80/ USD-PHP= 50.55 as of November 17, 2017 10:00 AM


CAD-PHP = 39.80 as of November 17, 2017 10:00 AM

News & Updates

Philippine BoC Suspends New Ruling on Cargo Boxes – October 5, 2017

https://www.rappler.com/nation/184384-balikbayan-box-rules-suspension As of October 5, 2017 the Philippine BoC has suspended their new ruling on cargo boxes being sent until March 21, 2018. Customers wanting to send boxes during this time do NOT need to provide a detailed list of the contents of the box, passport details, and relation to recipient. Other restrictions still apply including…

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UPDATE: Philippine Bureau of Customs – Duty & Tax Free Balikbayan Boxes

PHILIPPINE BUREAU OF CUSTOMS Please be advised of the guideline by the Philippine BOC for Qualified Overseas Foreign Works (QOFW) wanting to send duty and tax free balikbayan boxes. An itemized list of the contents and value in peso of your balikbayan boxe(s) is required from all customers upon pick-up. Canadian citizens may send a…

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Items NOT to pack in your box

Items NOT to pack in your box The following is a list is taken from inquirer.net (link above) of items not pack in your box. If you are unsure of other items not on this list, please call contact us to confirm. Alcohol/alcoholic drinks Automobile/motorcycle, parts or whole Ceramic tableware Cultural artifacts and pottery Defense…

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New Cargo Prices – February 15, 2017

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Reliable Cargo Express Corp. New Charges – September 15, 2016

Effective April 15, 2016 until further notice. (Charges will change without prior notice , please check or visit our website for updated charges) ADVISORY: With the recent development about BALIKBAYAN BOX , we are encouraging you to please itemized your packing list . REMINDER : Deadline to reach Destination on or before Christmas : *…

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